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Alva Noto (D) | Nicron

Alva Noto (D) | Nicron

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19:30 - 21:15
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Alva Noto (D) | Nicron

Alva Noto has been a major exponent of experimental electronic glitch music for almost three decades, and as a visual artist he makes his performances a holistic experience that use visual elements as well as sound. The producer, whose keywords are: microsound, idm, glitch, ambient, drone and minimal techno, has made many influential albums, co-founded the record label Raster-Noton, has a huge influence in these genres. The evening will also feature a composer and electronic artist from Budapest, Zsolt Olejnik, with his project Nicron, which creates minimalist sound compositions.

Berlin-based Carsten Nicolai has been active on the electronic music scene since the 1990s. As one of the great pioneering veterans he is best known, of course, as Alva Noto. He was initially more influential through his record label than as a performer since the NOTON label he founded was also significant, but when he teamed up with another contemporary label the venture grew as Raster-Noton to become one of the dominant labels of the minimalist electronic genre.

At the same time, Alva Noto's microsound glitch records, which play with vocals, were getting better and more influential. In the early 2000s, he created a number of masterpieces, and also began releasing amazing electroacoustic records with Ryuichi Sakamoto of the pioneering Japanese electronic music group, Yellow Magic Orchestra. The duo even wrote the score for the film The Return, which earned them Golden Globe and Grammy nominations. A prolific producer, he is also a visual artist of note, so his performances will test your receptiveness from two directions at once.

Olejnik Zsolt has studied architecture and software development, as well as independent studies in visual and sound design, sound synthesis and programming. Since 2001, he has been actively working with sound compositions and live performances under the name Nicron. Zsolt's goal is to create minimalist sound compositions that are unique in their structure and sound, using only the digital domain. His works are known for their precise sound placement, clean sound shapes, abstract structures and beats, creating his own acoustic fingerprint. Nicron has performed at events and well-known venues such as OFFF Barcelona, PhonoTaktik Vienna, Morning Line, Ultrahang Festival, X-Peripheria and Rhiz Bar-Modern.

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