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Tcha Limberger and jr. Lajos Sárközi's concert

Tcha Limberger and jr. Lajos Sárközi's concert

Gypsy bands from here and beyond
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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall

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violin, guitar
Tcha Limberger
violin, guitar
Lajos Sárkozi Jr.
Benjamin Clement
Lajos Sárközy Jr. Band
Sárközi Lajos Sr.
Gyula Bóni
Gyula Csík
double bass
Rudolf Sárközi
Kalotaszeg Trio:
Rudolf Toni
double bass
Toni Rudolf Jr.

Tcha Limberger and jr. Lajos Sárközi's concert

Tcha Limberger, an other-worldly, half-Flemish, half-Sinto musician, is a master not only of his own musical traditions, but also of Hungarian Gypsy music and Transylvanian folk music, from the Kalotaszeg region in particular. Lajos Sárközi Jnr., a member of a family of musicians that spans seven-generations, is a prominent representative of urban gypsy music, a guardian of a vanishing, centuries-old musical culture – but he is also the artistic director and principal conductor of the Gipsy Philharmonic Orchestra and a renowned contributor to jazz productions. The two of them have never performed together before, and this long-awaited joint performance has been commissioned by the House of Music Hungary.

The exploration of his own musical roots led the violinist-guitarist Tcha Limberger to urban gypsy music from Hungary and folk music from Kalotaszeg. The Bruges-born musician, who can sing Hungarian perfectly, is also a cultivator of jazz manouche, best known for the music of Django Reinhardt. He acknowledges the beauty of the songs, which were largely composed in the second half of the 19th century and appreciates the knowledge of the Romani musicians who cultivated them. Lajos Sárközi is linked not only by dynastic tradition, but also by his mastery of urban Romani music and jazz. Three musical worlds unfold during the evening. The synth jazz of the Reinhardt dynasty, Stéphane Grappelli's concerts of yesteryear, the urban gypsy music of the past, the melodies of the bands of the small taverns of Krúdy's era. Tcha Limberger and two prominent musicians from the Kalotaszeg village of Méra. Toni Rudolf and his son, will perform the most beautiful dawn songs, bachelor lad pieces, csardas dances and some gems from traditional Kalotaszeg folk music, learned from Sándor 'Neti' Fodor and other Transylvanian masters. Limberger's and Sárközi's musical alliance was created in heaven, and their goal – to promote Hungarian culture as widely as possible – will certainly be achieved at this evening.

To whom do we recommend it? To fans of authentic folk music; to lovers of traditional gypsy music; to lovers of jazz manouche and the world of Django Reinhardt.

The concert will be followed by Artist Talk, which is covered by the concert ticket.

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