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The story of us #4 Our spaces: Creative Sound Space and Sound Dome

The story of us #4 Our spaces: Creative Sound Space and Sound Dome

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The story of us #4 Our spaces: Creative Sound Space and Sound Dome

This lecture is held in Hungarian. On this occasion, we take a look at the creative sound spaces of the House of Music Hungary. We'll talk about the Creative Sound Space, the Sound Space and the experiments taking place in the basement of the institution. Márton Horn, Endre Vazul Mándli, Péter Benkóczy and András Gross will be in conversation.

In addition to the highly successful permanent exhibition Sound Dimensions - Musical Journeys in Space and Time, the Creative Sound Space is one more stop on the exciting journey of exploring the world of music. After learning about the history and diversity of music, the House of Music offers visitors the magic of music-making and community. And what is the Sound Dome? It can be understood quite literally as a dome that emits sounds. But not just sounds. The dome is also a projection screen, with speakers mounted behind it. These unique musical spaces open up possibilities to visitors that surprised the creators themselves. The discussion will reveal all the behind-the-scenes secrets and curiosities.

According to current regulations, from March 7, 2022, it is no longer obligatory to wear a mask when visiting the House of Music Hungary. Concerts, programs and exhibitions can be attended without a vaccination certificate or card.

Nevertheless we still encourage you to wear a mask during concerts. All current rules are subject to change based on the all-time rules and regulations of the government. We kindly ask you to check all current regulations for your event on our website before your visit in each case.

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