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Trio Bohémo (CZ)

Trio Bohémo (CZ)

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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
House of Music Hungary production

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Trio Bohémo
Kristina Vocetková
Matouš Pěruška
Jan Vojtek
Simona Rozložníková
Katarína Hudačková

Trio Bohémo (CZ)

The Trio Bohémo’s debut at the House of Music will include pieces inspired by folk motifs from three distinct cultures – Hungarian, Slavic and African American. True to their name, the group will perform works at this concert that feature broadly interpreted elements of urban, café and rural bohemian lifestyles, unleashing a broad spectrum of emotions and creativity. Since 2019, the trio, formed by three Czech students from the Liszt Academy, has been rapidly conquering the world's most prestigious concert halls and winning international chamber music competitions.

"Mine is not the kind of music you can relax to, it's the kind of music that makes you sweat," Paul Schoenfield confessed. The virtuosity and density of events in his easy-to-listen pieces achieve this effect. Schoenfield draws from popular, folk and classical styles, making his drifting Café Music both familiar and refreshingly novel. The composer wanted to create a piece that would be suitable for a restaurant, but at the same time, given its quality, it would also be suited to the concert stage. Dumka [thought], plural dumky, is a meditative melancholic work the name of which derives from the ballad-like epic songs and lamentations of the Slavic peoples. Dvořák's trio is imaginatively free-form, with movements alternating between sections with contrasting moods, in which the work resembles Hungarian Rhapsodies. During his lifetime, Liszt made several versions of the Hungarian Rhapsody No 9, subtitled 'Pest Carnival', including versions for four hands and trio; the latter, because of the technical challenges involved, few ensembles dare to perform.

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