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Esterházy x Esterházy – Harmonia Caelestis

Esterházy x Esterházy – Harmonia Caelestis

Harmonia Caelestis Baroque Orchestra
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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall

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baroque violin
Revóczky Ottília, Paulik Lídia
baroque viola
Draskóczy Eszter
baroque cello
Vályi Csilla
Tóth-Vajna Gergely
Tóth-Vajna Zsombor
Ács Gabriella
Mácsai János

Esterházy x Esterházy – Harmonia Caelestis

Harmonia Caelestis, or Heavenly Harmony - this title takes on a triple meaning at the October concert of the early music ensemble led by Gergely and Zsombor Tóth-Vajna at the House of Music Hungary. On the one hand, it refers to Pál Esterházy's 18th-century collection of cantatas, from which a total of nineteen movements will be performed during the evening. Secondly, Péter Esterházy's novel of the same title will be included in the programme, and thirdly, the Harmonia Caelestis Baroque Orchestra will be performing from the same source.

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