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Jambus and Kopanica

Jambus and Kopanica

Discussion of asymmetric balkan dance music rhythms and time-measured verse forms
18:00 - 19:00
Concert hall
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Ferenc Sebő
István Csörsz Rumen

Jambus and Kopanica

The asymmetrical pulsations of Balkan dances and the rhythms of time-measured, antique verse forms sometimes bear a striking resemblance to each other. Is it a coincidence or is it ancient heritage preserved by folklore? We may not have an answer to this question, but study of the two phenomena is fascinating, even as a thought experiment. In the discussion preceding the Ferenc Sebő Curatorial Weekend concert on Saturday evening, Ferenc Sebő will be joined by István Csörsz, István Rumen, the literary historian and musician.


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On the first weekend of October, the House of Music Hungary will welcome Ferenc Sebő, who turns 75 this year, with two special curatorial weekends of concerts. On Saturday, 1 October, the Sebő Ensemble will take to the stage with Márta Sebestyén and two special guests, accordionist Petar Ralchev and violinist Georgi Yanev, two of the greats of Bulgarian music.

2022/10/01 - 2022/10/04

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