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MÁV Symphony Orchestra: Autumn Concert

MÁV Symphony Orchestra: Autumn Concert

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10:30 - 12:00
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MÁV Symphony Orchestra: Autumn Concert

The MÁV Symphony Orchestra has long been a mainstay of the Hungarian concert scene, a consequence of its ability to regularly reinvent itself to meet the expectations of each era in its history, for example with great concerts for children. On this occasion, as part of a House of Music Hungary series, they will present an autumn themed interactive concert to introduce children to – and hopefully become firm friends with – the world of classical music and its instruments through works by the most famous composers connected to the season: projections, musical games, folk songs and sayings. This is also the aim of the post-concert session, in which the audience can take an even closer look at the instruments featured in the concert.

The language of this family event is Hungarian.


10:30 concert
11:45 music pedagogy


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