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Wasifuddin Dagar (IND) workshop

Wasifuddin Dagar (IND) workshop

18:30 - 19:00
Concert hall
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John Haywood, Paolo Albertini

Wasifuddin Dagar (IND) workshop

‘It is not surprising that yoga, the basis of all spiritual practices and the source of all religions, is essentially a practice rooted in the Yoga of Sound. In fact, the first yoga practitioners described not so much the postures, breathing, or even meditation in the ancient texts, but rather mantras and sound. This connection between Sound and Consciousness is the basis of all yoga practice.’ Dhrupad style, the oldest form of Indian classical music still practiced today, is one of the main heritages of Indian culture. Its origin is linked to the Sanskrit texts, the Vedas. The essence of Dhrupad is not entertainment, but a meditative, peaceful journey in which we can turn to God with deep feelings, both as a performer and as a listener.

The practice of Dhrupad singing, also known as Naad Yoga, is based on the chanting of the famous 'Aum' and other mantras, during which the musicians slowly open their voices. Within the framework of this singing style, we can learn a regular practice that encourages a peaceful, meditative state, which creates its positive effect through singing. In addition, we can learn about the oldest Indian classical rhythm instrument, the Pakhawaj, which is used to accompany the Dhrupad.

The workshop will be conducted by Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar and Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma. During the Drhupad singing, we expect the participation of all visitors, but the workshop also offers the opportunity for someone to passively observe this Indian musical tradition.


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Sacred music series #3

Dhrupad is the oldest genre of Indian classical music, the earliest written record of which is over two thousand years old. Its origins are linked to the Sanskrit texts of the Vedas, and essentially it aims to create a meditative, peaceful state in which both performers and listeners can turn to God with deep feelings. This is a state the Delhi-based Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar is guaranteed to create on this evening at the House of Music Hungary.

2022/10/28 19:30
Concert hall

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