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Program series

Program series

Keep your eyes on the Far East! Says a widely shared view that the future of classical music lies not only in Europe and the United States, but also in Asia. It is not just the young virtuoso musicians that are discovered year in year out that mark the rise of the East, but also the fusion that is creating its own colours and forms by bringing together the two worlds. The First Far Eastern Classical Music Festival, launched by Gábor Farkas, showcases the rich musical culture of Japan. Sunday evening's gala concert will focus on bamboo instruments and the classic sounds of Japanese music.

2022/09/01 -

The Hungarian Jazz Day has been present in Hungarian music for 15 years, following the idea of ​​Béla Zsoldos and moving into the House of Hungarian Music within the framework of a series of festive concerts organized by the Hungarian Jazz Association. The aim of the Hungarian Jazz Day is to bring the most successful, best domestic and international performers and soloists of the genre to a wider audience, to introduce themselves to the thousands of festival audience, as opposed to the genre-specific way of performing at club concerts. The 8-10 hour concert, with 60-80 performers a year, is one of the biggest domestic events for the genre. The program will start with a free university performance and a concert by the Sárközi Dina Quintet, and the evening will end with Attila László's latest formation, László Attila's Fusion Circus.

2022/08/28 -

What makes it affect? the series of the House of Music Hungary, where you have the opportunity to get to know the components of music more closely. The first part will be about rhythm.

The next two performances in the series:

2022. October 11. What makes it affect? - Melody
2022. November 8. What makes it affect? - Harmony

2022/09/21 -

Rock and roll is, somewhat simplistically, the result of a particular cultural-historical fusion: that of when the musical traditions of Black slaves brought over from Africa met those of white settlers who had emigrated from Europe to the new world, the Americas. Moreover, all this took place in a radically transforming society, following technological progress and its associated industrialisation and urbanisation. In the second season of this series, we look at the social, cultural and musical events of the period from Elvis to the twilight of the rock and roll era in the Fifties.

2022/02/02 -

In a series of informal talks with renowned artists, music historian Előd Juhász invites the audience to a talk show. During the evening, we will discover interesting facts, current events and colourful episodes from his guest's life. The talks sometimes include surprises: a production, a screening, or even the interactive involvement of the audience in these personal encounters. An exclusive snapshot of the invited artist, which allows us to get up close and personal with him or her.

2022/10/28 -

Not only did beat, rock, and rock and roll music arrive in Hungary with a considerable delay, the foreign films related to pop culture were shown in Hungarian cinemas very late in the day. At worst, they never arrived at all. The House of Music Hungary's new series features the cult films that have become available in Hungary, such as A Hard Day's Night, which portrays Beatle-mania; The Song Remains The Same, based on Led Zeppelin's emblematic 1973 New York concert; Let There Be Rock, which documents AC/DC's legendary 1979 Paris performance; or the concert film Hungarian Rhapsody, a Hungarian film of the band Queen performing at the National Stadium in the summer of 1986. Before the screenings, a guest cultural historian will talk briefly about the genesis and pop history significance of these works, followed by a behind-the-scenes look at the productions with the help of a character closely associated with the production concerned.

2022/09/20 -

There was hardly a musician at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the Storyville nightclub district of the American port city of New Orleans who could have foreseen the vast swathe of music that would be created over the course of a century in bars, brothels, ballrooms and street parties. The performance practice, which evolved from a clash of cultures through the instinctive play of largely untrained musicians, took new directions as the decades passed, first becoming the dance music of America, and then, matured into increasingly serious, elevated artistic pursuits, finding fertile ground on every continent. The House of Music Hungary’s free jazz history workshop will introduce you to the important stages, venues, styles and prominent personalities of this process. The Cities of Jazz series presents the colourful worlds of New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City and New York, cities that played key roles in the development and evolution of jazz, through original sound and image recordings, and the authenticity of personal experience.

2022/09/22 -

From time to time, the House of Music Hungary delegates curatorial duties to an artist who, in a series of weekend programmes, then presents the current state of a musical world close to their heart. The third such weekend, 17-18 September, will be hosted by András Dés, who will host a joint Austrian-Hungarian weekend offering his guests a unique programme of international collaborators and formations that have never before appeared on the same stage. On the first day, outstanding musicians from the middle generation of the Austrian and Hungarian jazz scene will play together for the first time in three ensembles created especially for this evening.

2022/09/17 -

Contemporary Hungarian film and (rock) music have been in contact practically since the late 1960s. Sometimes more intensively, sometimes more loosely, but they are essentially inseparable. In its second season, the House of Music Hungary’s Rockfilmclub presents four films – A Koncert [The Concert](1981, directed by Gábor Koltay), Városbújócska [City hide and seek] (1985, Mária Sós), Cha-Cha-Cha (1981, János Kovácsi), Moziklip [Film clip](1987, Péter Tímár) – that were of decisive importance in Hungarian popular music culture in their day. Before the screenings, Béla Szilárd Jávorszky will talk briefly about the genesis and pop-historical significance of these works, followed by a discussion with a guest film aesthetics expert on the relevant domestic and international trends.

2022/02/22 -
2022/07/01 -

In our How we became series, we will present the exciting journey of the House of Music, Hungary through a series of lectures.

2022/03/10 -

The Sacred Music Series of the House of Music Hungary presents from time to time some of the sacred music from different parts of the world.

2022/01/28 -

Sing-along baby

Singing together and moving together is not only a good game, but it has a developing effect on children and adults alike. On Tuesday mornings, we prepare music lessons for the little ones. The Hungarian Heritage Award Rocking session is available on a weekly basis at the House of Music. The classes are held by Gáll Viki. Recommended age: 0-3 years Maximum group size: 30 people

2022/02/15 -

In our music series, we are primarily looking forward to the age of 8 and that they will be open to attend not only the concert but also the next session.

2022/04/09 -

Ramazuri – Music from A to Z, for both children and adults, from concerts to workshops – is a monthly series of events which aims to provide entertainment for the whole family.

2022/03/05 -

The Hungarian Folk Singing Circle ('Népdalkör' in Hungarian) teaches Hungarian folk songs through workshops in the House of Music.
Join us to learn beautiful Hungarian village folk songs! These three 90-minute workshops are open to participants of all cultural, linguistic, and musical backgrounds, welcoming experienced singers as well as those without any previous experience in the style. We will learn a variety of songs from across the Hungarian language area, crafted over generations of unbroken oral tradition. The optional pronunciation class will cover all of the Hungarian letter sounds in detail, while the singing workshop will include the pronunciation and translation of that day’s song words. Participants receive village source recordings, ethnographic maps, song word sheets (lyrics), and background information on the songs, regions, and style.

The workshop will be held in English.

2022/03/27 -

This musical workshop gives everyone an unrestricted opportunity to explore their creative personas, of their musical background (or lack thereof). Our goal is to create a product based on electronic music and live looping while relying on our own improvised ideas and natural musicality. The host of the evening is Lőrinc Bubnó (Szent Efrém, YOULÏ, Nomique).

2022/02/23 -

Adventures in music with the most entertaining and talkative music teacher in the country

2022/02/27 -

Organized by Veronika Harcsa as a curator, workshops, album presentation concerts for two days at the House of Music Hungary

2022/03/19 -

Organized by Miklós Lukács, workshops and one-off concerts for two days at the House of Music Hungary

2022/05/14 -

The aim of the series is to dispel misconceptions that are present as a kind of learned obstacle in the way that connects people to the musical experience.

2022/03/23 -

Interactive programs for the whole family

2022/03/15 -

In the underground levels of the House of Music Hungary lies the Sound Dome. This is where the program begins, with a short film providing an unusual acoustic and visual experience, after which the visitors are shown an increasing number of similar films. During this event, you can experience Ryoichi Kurokawa’s short but intense piece conveying the power of nature, s.asmbli [wall] – created specifically for this space.

2022/04/06 -